Frequently Asked Questions

The Mill Creek Choice Neighborhood Initiative focuses on planning for improved housing, neighborhood assets, enhanced social services, improved schools, better transportation and improved job opportunities.

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How will this project affect residents in the neighborhood?

Our planning team is committed to creating a public process that enables all local residents and businesses to participate in the creation of a shared vision. The end result of this planning process will be a Plan to improve the quality of life and safety for current residents.

How long do you anticipate this planning process will take?

Initial outreach will happen over the next 12-16 months. Developing a Choice Neighborhoods Plan document that reflects community values will happen after this.

Does the planning process include construction of new housing?

No, this process only includes planning. Construction could happen at a later date. HSVHA and its partners are committed to finding  resources and funding to implement the community’s Plan as it impacts HSVHA’s property.

Will residents need to move as part of the Plan?

The Choice Plan is specifically related to community conversations. Throughout the planning process, everyone’s ideas will be heard and will come together to create a Choice Neighborhood Plan. If housing transformation moves forward, residents may be required to temporarily relocate – but this will only be after HSVHA provides a written notice to each affected family, has a community-wide relocation meeting, and talks to affected families individually to determine each family’s housing and relocation needs. HSVHA residents will then be offered other relocation housing options. HSVHA will ensure that current residents will have the first choice and opportunity to move back into the revitalized property.

How can I stay informed or get involved?

Meeting dates and other information are being set up at a location to be determined. You can also call , email, or stop by the HSVHA office, and we will make sure you receive project updates and invitations to community meetings.

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