Join Us for a Mill Creek Visioning Workshop on Thursday, September 10th!

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Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment in the Connecting Room

September 10 @ 1 PM

Wear your MASK!!

Mission Statement

The Mill Creek Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan is a joint effort between the City of Huntsville and the Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA) to transform an area south west of downtown with new mixed income housing, walkable commercial and retail opportunities and access to essential quality of life services. By intent and design, this Plan will stimulate the physical transformation of the Mill Creek Neighborhoods with improved outcomes for current and future residents.  Outcome expectations include an active cradle-to-college education pipeline, workforce development, comprehensive community wellness resources, and better employment and income opportunities.

The area covered by the Choice Neighborhoods grant is just over one square mile with the primary redevelopment area being twenty-eight acres.  We are committed to retaining affordable units and the historical significance of the neighborhoods within the Mill Creek footprint. During the next two years, with area citizens, neighbors and professionals guiding us, we will develop a plan that reflects the heart and soul of this unique area of Huntsville. The purpose of the event is to inform area stakeholders and to obtain their feedback to direct the project team regarding the transformation.  Please contact me if you require additional information or have questions.