Nobody knows your neighborhood like you do! We want your feedback!

To make sure our plan is as successful as possible, we want to hear from you: the residents of the Mill Creek Neighborhood. Many plans do not take the needs of residents into account, often leading to plans creating fewer positive outcomes for residents.

The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Process works to involve residents and create positive change for a community. That starts with getting your feedback.

Please complete the surveys below with your resident password to help us with the plan. Anyone who fills out a Survey will be entered to a win a gift card!

The Needs Assessment Survey

We are conducting this survey to help us better understand neighborhood conditions and the needs of you and your neighbors. Your answers will provide important information on your views regarding topics such as housing, safety, neighborhood facilities and services, education, employment, transportation, health, job training, youth programming, educational services.

Links to the survey are available in the drop-down bar under “surveys”

Other Project Surveys:

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